About Radar

Radar is Engine Room's innovative digital artist recruiting website. Since 2008, Radar has identified new talent to collaborate with on our ongoing film, television and new media projects. Scores of artists from around the world, all of whom were found through Radar, have remotely joined our team with great success.

Engine Room's entire LA studio is configured to take full advantage of your talent and resources. Our web-based project management software and file transferring systems allow us to work seamlessly with you entirely off-site via internet connection.

Once you are on Radar, an Engine Room producer will contact you with possible work opportunities when the right projects come along. Many long lasting and lucrative relationships have been formed with off-site artists, so be sure to highlight your unique talents and digital resources when registering.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! We sincerely hope that we can match you with one of our projects in the near future.

Engine Room

Now in our 15th year, Engine Room is an established visual effects, live action and design company in Hollywood dedicated to bringing the very best work to our clients. We have relationships with virtually every major film and television studio in the entertainment business and have built a solid reputation for delivering great results.

Visit engineroomhollywood.com for more information and the latest news on our current and upcoming projects.